Welcome to Worldwide Acceptance Ministries!

Worldwide Acceptance Ministries  is a Pentecostal Church where we believe in the word of GOD as the final authority in all that we do. We also believe in the manifestation of the Holy Spirit.

The ministry has a clear focus as stated below:

Our Vision

  1. Teach and remind God's people how to praise God. 1Thessalonians 5 vs18, Romans 1 vs2
  2. Teach God's people holiness. Hebrew 12vs14

Our Mission

  1. To preach, Teach the undiluted word of God to the whole world. 
  2. To declare the word of God to all nations

Our Goal

Our goal is to lead people to the kingdom of God. 
In this ministry, we believe in the power of prayer and in the living word of God to handle challenges, problems and the battles of life as the finger of God does the miraculous, salvation, deliverance and healing (Obadiah 1vs17)